Digital Marketing Kit

Marketing Resources With our digital marketing kit, veterinary hospitals can effectively showcase their affiliation with us, ensuring clients have convenient access to our services and expertise when their pet is having an emergency. Address + Contact InformationEasily Copy + Paste this information for your website, so your clients can get in touch with us after-hours. […]

What to Expect

What to Expect at the Emergency Vet Clinic It’s safe to say that a trip to the emergency vet is probably not on your weekend agenda, but you never know when something unforeseen can happen. Since you can’t plan for an emergency, knowing what to expect can help keep both you — and your pet’s […]

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use Emerald City Emergency Clinic is required to provide our clients with notice of our privacy practices with respect to protected personal information collected from this website. Consent By using this website, you consent to understanding and accepting the terms listed in this privacy policy. We reserve the right to […]

Prep Your Pet Sitter

Before You Go: Prep Your Pet Sitter In Case Of An Emergency Sometimes getting ready to travel takes longer than the trip itself — figuring out what to pack so you don’t forget any of the necessities but not bringing so much that you get the dreaded “heavy load” sticker on your bag. Other challenges […]

Pet Insurance

Be Prepared for Emergency Veterinary Costs with Pet Insurance Most of us consider our pets part of the family. They share our beds, our snacks and even a spot in the family holiday photo. Pets may make our hearts full, but they can also empty our bank accounts if proper financial planning isn’t in place. […]

Pet Emergency Costs

Understanding Emergency Pet Care Costs We all know that person who is eternally prepared: first-aid kit, water purifier, CPR certificate; this human swiss army knife is ready for anything. Unfortunately, even the most well-equipped person can’t plan for an unexpected pet emergency like when their Jack Russell gets into the neighbor’s rat poison or their […]

Common Pet Emergencies

Common Pet Emergencies and How to Avoid Them You’ve seen those viral memes of pets sitting somberly, their heads hanging down, handmade signs around their neck stating their crime; a down pillow reduced to feathers behind them. It’s adorable when posted on your friend’s social media page, not so funny when you’re headed to the […]


At our hospital, we are dedicated to ensuring that your pet receives the best possible care while also providing value to our clients. That’s why we regularly offer a range of specials and promotions designed to make veterinary care more accessible and affordable. Whether it’s seasonal promotions, Flea, Tick, Heartworm specials, or bundled services, our […]

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