My little senior Bichon got doggy diarrhea and got dehydrated 🙁 so I had to bring her in during the middle of the night and they had to admit her to the hospital and keep her there for the night. They did tests to rule out pancreatitis and colitis, and she didn’t have it, so it was just dehydration. They called me right away with the results and kept me updated throughout her stay. After I brought her home from the hospital, they were so responsive by phone as I have been a little worried about her and had to call them to see if I should bring her back in. So responsive and reassuring. They made a very scary experience much less stressful. I will always bring her here if there are emergencies in the future, or if her regular vet isn’t available for an appointment and there is an urgent non-emergency. I’m so glad to have found an emergency vet I trust in Seattle because my girl is getting older and might need it.

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