My husband and I just moved to Seattle with our 8 year old cat, TigerLilly, and had not yet established at a new vet in the area. The weekend of Thanksgiving, we awoke around 2AM on Sunday to find our cat with a medical issue that needed to be addressed pretty quickly (anal sack abscess).

We hopped on-line and on Yelp to find out if there were any places open on the Sunday morning and/or open during the extremely late hour. Emerald City was open and only about 10 minutes away from us–so we called and they told us to just come on in–they are a walk-in service clinic.

We were greeted by wonderful friendly staff who took TigerLilly in right away, even before I had filled out any paperwork (you wouldn’t see that in our human health care). They treated her quickly and got her prepped to see the doctor while my husband and I waited. I was impressed by the amount of communication they staff kept with us the entire time we were there. Before they did anything that might cost a larger amount of money (or even if they could shave the area) they verified it with us and continued to let us know what they were doing.

After the doctor took a look at her, she came to see us to chat and explain what types of things she would like to do for TigerLilly–even with the price of the total, which was significantly lower than I was expecting! Our doctor was kind, considerate, and you could tell she cared just as much for our animal as we did (as did the rest of the staff).

We were in and out in under an hour and a half with a price tag which was about half of what I was expecting to pay for an “emergency” location. The price actually didn’t seem any different than what I would have paid if I went to a vet during regular hours–a concept I have never seen mimicked when I have been to emergency care for any human health issues.TigerLilly actually got faster and cheeper care for this than when I personally went to urgent care for a torn meniscus.

We went home knowing TigerLilly was going to be fine and with instructions on how to continually care for her while she healed. Thanks for helping us out Emerald City Emergency Clinic!

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