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How Can You Make the Holidays Safer for Your Pet?

The holidays are about special times with loved ones, but this season can spell disaster for the furriest members of the family. We’re happy to offer you a go-to guide for preventing holiday-related accidents involving your pets. We’ll discuss how to keep your furry friends safe from harmful foods, risky decorations, and weather-related hazards, ensuring a happy and safe holiday season for everyone in the family.

Secure Your Tree

While decorating your home for the holidays, remember that your Christmas tree can be dangerous for a pet. It’s essential to anchor your tree firmly to prevent it from falling over, which could injure an unsuspecting pet. Plus, the water in your tree stand can lead to stomach issues if ingested. This water, if left stagnant, can also harbor harmful bacteria. Keep your pets away from the tree–or, if possible, get an artificial tree that doesn’t need water.

Keep an Eye on Food

Not all treats are safe for pets. Many common holiday foods, such as chocolate, grapes/raisins, and certain baked goods, can be harmful to our four-legged friends. Additionally, exercise caution with food gifts; ensure they are suitable for pets before sharing. Stick to your pet’s regular diet and opt for pet-safe treats to keep them healthy and happy. A little precaution can go a long way in preventing accidental poisoning or other health hazards.

Gear Up for Outdoor Time

Even though our pets have warm, furry coats, they are still susceptible to harm from freezing temperatures. Keep paws protected from snow, ice, and road salt with protective boots made to fit your pet’s paws. Additionally, keep a close eye on pets when they head outside to do their business and limit how long they’re spending outside when temperatures are below freezing. 

We hope these tips help you navigate the holidays safely with your pets. However, if you’re ever unsure or have specific concerns, your emergency veterinarian is just a phone call away. They are equipped with the expertise to address any holiday-related pet injuries and illnesses you might encounter.

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