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Nina C.


This emergency clinic is phenomenal. I wish my own doctors and my dog’s regular vet was this excellent. My 10lb shih tzu had been throwing up all morning and I rushed her to the clinic. After several tests, they diagnosed possible ingestion of a foreign object needing surgery. But knowing my dog also had pre-existing kidney disease (so surgery would be more risky to her) they recommended keeping her overnight for observation in case the object was just a shadow on the x-ray. The following morning they concluded she would indeed need surgery. The vets were very communicative with me, explained clearly the risks and were obviously experienced with this type of emergency. Knowing they were experienced and the open lines of communication gave me trust and some relief that she was in capable hands. She went into surgery the next day and then had to stay a few more days with 24 hr care. The vets change every shift and I always got a call from the new vet on duty. I was amazed at how well coordinated they were, working in sync with each other, always on top of her recent care and status update. After we took her home, they taught us to syringe feed her and gave us a comprehensive schedule for her 7 medications. They were on call for every little question we had administering her medication from home. They did everything they could for her and she pulled through. She looks great now and is back to her old self. The vet techs were also excellent. Normally my dog hates the vet and panics. The clinic’s environment is calm and drama free. Total bill for a week in the hospital plus surgery was about $6K but pet insurance took care of the majority. I know cost can be a huge barrier for treating your pet so definitely recommend creating a savings account for the deductible along with getting pet insurance. Having those resources made it a lot easier for the vets to do what they needed for her. You can tell that they always have the “price” conversation, which affects what they can do for your pet. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

Louise B.


My little senior Bichon got doggy diarrhea and got dehydrated 🙁 so I had to bring her in during the middle of the night and they had to admit her to the hospital and keep her there for the night. They did tests to rule out pancreatitis and colitis, and she didn’t have it, so it was just dehydration. They called me right away with the results and kept me updated throughout her stay. After I brought her home from the hospital, they were so responsive by phone as I have been a little worried about her and had to call them to see if I should bring her back in. So responsive and reassuring. They made a very scary experience much less stressful. I will always bring her here if there are emergencies in the future, or if her regular vet isn’t available for an appointment and there is an urgent non-emergency. I’m so glad to have found an emergency vet I trust in Seattle because my girl is getting older and might need it.

Cheryl B.


From a personal perspective, this is one of the saddest reviews I’ve had to write. We had to put our lovable 11-year-old labrador to sleep after he lived with cancer for two years. My husband had just taken him into our regular vet for a check-up, and we had prepared ourselves for that day to be “the” day. We explained that he struggled to get up. His legs kept collapsing under him. Our vet said it still wasn’t time. We felt so guilty for looking at our pet and being so wrong. Well, that night, his legs collapsed again, and he could not get up. My husband had to hold him up to go to the bathroom. We thought that maybe he could sleep it off and feel better in the morning. He didn’t. It was a Sunday, and our vet was not open. Our kids were devastated, and so were we. We found this clinic online and called. They told us we could bring him in right away. My husband said that as painful as it was to put our dog to sleep, the vet and vet tech (who kissed our dog’s head as he was put to sleep) were very comforting and understanding. WE knew that our poor dog was dying, but our regular vet convinced us to buy another $200 in medicine for no good reason. We’re grateful that this place helped us and trusted us to know that WE, as his family, knew that he was suffering. I’m giving 5 stars because of their service and compassion even though it was one of the saddest days for our family.

Elizabeth A.


They were there for me when my cat was dying and they wanted to get to the bottom of it. They were quick and excellent problem solvers. My cat was beyond saving but they helped me through it with their kindness and quick action. I appreciate it so much.

Adam S.


Everyone at the clinic was so amazing to me and my dog, especially considering that I couldn’t actually go into the clinic due to COVID. The staff and doctors were extremely professional and empathetic and took amazing care of Nugget. They were in frequent communication and told me to call and check in whenever I wanted. It was such a huge relief knowing he was in good hands.

Mike M.

Took my little guy there tonight, they were great and it is the only emergency vet I will use. I thought Tom had broken his leg, they informed me he was fine and just some rest and love was all he needed.



The staff here is amazing and concerned with giving your pet the best care possible, during a very scary time of need. They are very sensitive to the stress an emergency causes, and it shows. I had no doubts my poor kitty was in the best hands during her brief stay here. Furthermore, as an emergency vet clinic is expensive, they are understanding and compassionate when the time comes to discuss treatment options and finances. I am so glad these good people are just down the street from me, even though I hope I never have to see them again!

Salome C.


Wonderful staff, 100% recommend!! Took my pup here the other night after a horrific experience at another yet. They even called to see how my pup was doing afterward! ❤️

Ella S.


I purchased a flea collar from Amazon, and I don’t know if it was the ingredients or maybe it was that my cat wasn’t used to it, he started going crazy. I had never seen him like that. He started hissing at the air and at me, then he peed on my bed and pooped in my bed. I wanted to take the collar off of him but he would not let me, and the more I tried the more he fought and was in turn hurting himself, I was so worried. It was 10 at night, I had no choice but to take him to emergency. I was so thankful that Brittany was able to help, she really went above and beyond, I’m very grateful for her kindheartedness, she saved my cat before anything else could have gone wrong with him!

Lara B.


When one of our cats was very ill outside of our normal vet’s hours, we brought her here. They responded quickly, examined her, and gave her lifesaving surgery. They were extremely competent, gave us a full sense of all our options, and made sure we understood what was happening. It was great to be able to visit her while she recovered! While I hope you never have to use them, if you do need an emergency vet, I would recommend them completely.

Lauren K.


Four years ago today in tears, I brought my cat Mia in to Emerald City Emergency Clinic. She had crystals blocking her urine and ended up having to have emergency surgery after her bladder burst. It was a very scary time, but the Clinic walked me through everything, including the difficult choice whether to have one of their vets do a procedure they hadn’t done before vs. getting her to a specialist when time was not on our side. The Clinic did the surgery and cared for her afterwards to nurse her back to health. Mia is still with me today, and there aren’t enough words to thank Emerald City for saving her life.

Teri T.


My husband and I just moved to Seattle with our 8 year old cat, TigerLilly, and had not yet established at a new vet in the area. The weekend of Thanksgiving, we awoke around 2AM on Sunday to find our cat with a medical issue that needed to be addressed pretty quickly (anal sack abscess).

We hopped on-line and on Yelp to find out if there were any places open on the Sunday morning and/or open during the extremely late hour. Emerald City was open and only about 10 minutes away from us–so we called and they told us to just come on in–they are a walk-in service clinic.

We were greeted by wonderful friendly staff who took TigerLilly in right away, even before I had filled out any paperwork (you wouldn’t see that in our human health care). They treated her quickly and got her prepped to see the doctor while my husband and I waited. I was impressed by the amount of communication they staff kept with us the entire time we were there. Before they did anything that might cost a larger amount of money (or even if they could shave the area) they verified it with us and continued to let us know what they were doing.

After the doctor took a look at her, she came to see us to chat and explain what types of things she would like to do for TigerLilly–even with the price of the total, which was significantly lower than I was expecting! Our doctor was kind, considerate, and you could tell she cared just as much for our animal as we did (as did the rest of the staff).

We were in and out in under an hour and a half with a price tag which was about half of what I was expecting to pay for an “emergency” location. The price actually didn’t seem any different than what I would have paid if I went to a vet during regular hours–a concept I have never seen mimicked when I have been to emergency care for any human health issues.TigerLilly actually got faster and cheeper care for this than when I personally went to urgent care for a torn meniscus.

We went home knowing TigerLilly was going to be fine and with instructions on how to continually care for her while she healed. Thanks for helping us out Emerald City Emergency Clinic!

Nate H.


It is always so tough to review an emergency clinic, as you never go there for happy reasons. But after my dog was injured while at a dog sitter, they took amazing and loving care of her. She had to spend a month there, and each time we took her back to have bandages changed, she was excited to see them. These guys are compassionate, skilled, and understand the complex and powerful emotions that go with pet ownership. My only regret is that they don’t do regular vet checkups, as I would use them for everything.

Hopefully you don’t need their services, but if you do, this place is the best.

Jeremy C.


Our small dog ate a very toxic amount of chocolate. We brought him in immediately and the team there took excellent care of him. They saw us right away and had our boy home and in good health 2 hours later. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience considering the circumstances. Hope we don’t have to ever come back, but if emergency strikes, this is the place for your loved one!

Leo L.


Great staff and doctors. Both my friends and I have taken our pets here. I have also had my cat medically boarded here while we had to be on a trip. One of the staff members liked my cat so much, I was told that she even came back to the vet office to visit on her off-days. That was nice.

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