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Keeping Your Pet Happy, Healthy & Safe this Halloween Season

Sweet treats, spooky traditions and fun decorations make Halloween one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. While this time of year is packed with family fun, it can present some dangers for your four-legged companions. Being aware of potential hazards can save you and your family from scary emergency veterinarian visits this October! 

Ensure Your Pet Is Comfortable in Their Costume

If you dress your pet up for Halloween, it is important to recognize if your cat or dog enjoys it, as costumes can make them anxious. If your pet doesn’t mind their costume, ensure that it isn’t too tight, preventing regular movements and behaviors, or that it isn’t too big, leaving room for them to get caught on things or stuck. Pet costumes can also create fire hazards if they get too close to jack-o-lanterns or candles. Using LED candles and avoiding costumes with loose, hanging components can reduce this hazard. 

Hide the Chocolate, Candy & Raisins 

Chocolate, raisins, and certain candies are poisonous to your cat or dog. Your curious pet may not realize the dangers of taking a bite out of these foods and fall very ill. It is imperative to ensure your Halloween goodies are stored somewhere safe that your pet can’t access. Also, throw any wrappers out immediately to avoid worrying about your pet eating one and enduring a painful blockage. 

Be Aware of Decoration Dangers 

Fake spiderwebs, rubber spiders, pumpkins, and other decorations may be targets for your curious pets. Dogs and cats will chew or eat decorations and end up with painful obstructions within their intestines. These blockages are extremely dangerous and painful for your cat or dog and require costly veterinary visits that are sure to put a damper on your holiday fun! 

Be proactive about keeping your beloved animals safe during the Halloween season and contact your local veterinarian for further advice on keeping your pets out of harm’s way.

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