This emergency clinic is phenomenal. I wish my own doctors and my dog’s regular vet was this excellent. My 10lb shih tzu had been throwing up all morning and I rushed her to the clinic. After several tests, they diagnosed possible ingestion of a foreign object needing surgery. But knowing my dog also had pre-existing kidney disease (so surgery would be more risky to her) they recommended keeping her overnight for observation in case the object was just a shadow on the x-ray. The following morning they concluded she would indeed need surgery. The vets were very communicative with me, explained clearly the risks and were obviously experienced with this type of emergency. Knowing they were experienced and the open lines of communication gave me trust and some relief that she was in capable hands. She went into surgery the next day and then had to stay a few more days with 24 hr care. The vets change every shift and I always got a call from the new vet on duty. I was amazed at how well coordinated they were, working in sync with each other, always on top of her recent care and status update. After we took her home, they taught us to syringe feed her and gave us a comprehensive schedule for her 7 medications. They were on call for every little question we had administering her medication from home. They did everything they could for her and she pulled through. She looks great now and is back to her old self. The vet techs were also excellent. Normally my dog hates the vet and panics. The clinic’s environment is calm and drama free. Total bill for a week in the hospital plus surgery was about $6K but pet insurance took care of the majority. I know cost can be a huge barrier for treating your pet so definitely recommend creating a savings account for the deductible along with getting pet insurance. Having those resources made it a lot easier for the vets to do what they needed for her. You can tell that they always have the “price” conversation, which affects what they can do for your pet. Couldn’t recommend them enough.

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