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The Pet Owners Guide to Quick and Calm Emergency Veterinary Visits 

Every pet owner dreads the day they are faced with an emergency situation involving their beloved companion. During these times of crisis, emotions are running high and we can quickly become overwhelmed and frantic. To ensure a seamless trip to the emergency veterinarian, we’re here to help you get prepared to promote a calm and efficient experience that gets your pet back to normal as soon as possible.

Identify The Nearest Emergency Veterinarian

Long before the first sign of an emergency, it’s important to scope out the emergency veterinarians in your area. We recommend saving their number and address in your phone. This allows you to save precious time during emergency situations, ensuring you get your pet emergency veterinary care as quickly as you can. 

Get Familiar with Poison Control and The Pet Poison Hotline

If your emergency situation involves your pet eating or drinking something they shouldn’t have, there are resources available to you, such as Poison Control and Pet Poison Hotline. These services allow you to call in to get information on the best course of action for your pet. They will offer you advice on if something is hazardous and whether the situation merits an emergency veterinarian trip.

Don’t Forget Your Pet’s Medical Records

Always keep a copy of your pet’s medical records in a safe and accessible location. Better yet, keep several copies, one in the house and one in the car. The emergency veterinarian you visit may not be your pet’s primary veterinarian. As such, they may not have immediate access to your pet’s complete health profile. To help your pet secure prompt treatment according to their needs, keep their medical records on-hand in case of emergency situations.

Pet emergencies are daunting experiences, but with a little bit of precaution and preparation, they can be quick and calm. To learn more about getting prepared for emergency veterinary care, contact your local veterinarian today.

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