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Winter Care Tips for Your Pets

Your pet’s fur coat does not fully protect them from weather-associated health risks. Just as humans can’t withstand extensive time in harsh winter climates, neither can pets. Beyond just the bitter cold, winter comes with several other harmful factors that pet owners must avoid to ensure their pets are safe, warm, and healthy. 

Limit Time Outdoors 

Hypothermia and frostbite are common weather-related conditions that your pet may develop by spending prolonged time in the winter’s cold, damp climate. When your pet does venture into the cold, be sure they are well-equipped with booties and a jacket to retain their body heat. If your pet is an outdoor pet, it is essential to provide them with an enclosed area to retreat to when they need to warm up. 

Keep Chemicals Out of Reach 

Chemicals such as antifreeze or salt for your driveway are frequently used throughout the winter. While these chemicals are extremely beneficial in ensuring a smooth day for a human, they can have adverse effects on your pet, as they are highly poisonous when ingested and a skin irritant. Avoid emergencies related to winter chemicals by storing them far out of your pet’s reach. 

Avoiding Standing Water 

It is vital to keep your pet hydrated; however, that does not mean you should allow them to drink from puddles. The puddles that accumulate throughout the winter may be full of parasites or toxins that can disrupt your pet’s digestive system. When spending time outdoors, ensure you have fresh, clean water for your pet. 

Don’t Skip Your Pet’s Winter Wellness Check

Cold weather can trigger your pet’s pre-existing medical conditions. Pets with arthritis may feel more aches, and pets with diabetes may have more difficulty regulating their body temperature. Even if your pet does not have underlying health conditions, the winter weather provokes sickness, making your pet’s winter wellness check essential. 

Contact your local veterinary hospital if your pet does become ill or injured due to the winter weather. We’re here 24/7 to provide immediate care when your pet needs it most.

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